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Welcome to Contoocook, NH. Home of the Contoocook Riverway Park.

Located in Contoocook Village, the park includes the Contoocook train depot, the world's oldest surviving covered railroad bridge in existance, A 1907 vintage Pullman coach, and the Lewellen Bandstand. We welcome you to explore our site and gather information about our organization.

Please visit our contact page to schedule a viewing of the museum or to inquire about the use of the depot. We offer space for functions and community events for a simple donation. Send us a message to find out more.

COMING SOON: Village Visitor Center!
Due to the expansion of local business’s, local agriculture, historical sites and our communities many walking and hiking trail, we will be staffing the museum on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sunday evenings throughout the summer months. This gives visitors an opportunity to come to a central location to gather information about the community and be able to explore our museum. Hours of operation coming soon. Check back often for more information, or contact us!

World's Oldest Surviving Railroad Bridge

Built in 1889 on the granite abutments of an older span, the railroad bridge located in Contoocook Village is the world's oldest surviving covered railroad bridge. It was probably designed by Boston & Main Railroad engineer Jonathan Parker Snow (1848-1933) and built by carpenter David Hazelton (1848-1908). Under Snow, the Boston & Maine utilized wooden bridges on its branch lines until after 1900, longer than any other major railroad. The railroad was originally known as the Concord & Claremont, which was acquired by the Boston & Maine in 1887.

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